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Are you a pedicurist and would you like to acquire even more know-how? Are you sometimes unsure which is the correct foot treatment? Do you sometimes not know which instrument or grinder to use?
Then you've come to the right place with me and my learning videos. I demonstrate my work 
techniques in the videos, directly from practice. I will show you step by step how I proceed, which tools I use to solve specific problems and give you my recommendations. If you have any questions, please email me. I am happy to answer your questions, and I look forward to hearing about you and your interests.

You can watch all of my learning videos as a 20-second trailer so you know what to expect before you subscribe. My videos can only be subscribed to and not purchased. While you can subscribe to individual videos (the individual videos are available for 72 hours), not all are available individually. Some are only available in a package. It's well worth subscribing to the whole package (foot care complete) as I'll be streaming more videos on a variety of topics all the time and I provide you with PDF files for download . 
If you are interested in something that is not yet online, please let me know. I would like to make a video about it. Have fun! I wish much success!

My videos are for current and future pedicurists and for those who are interested in foot care.

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Über mich


My name is Petra Krenz, and I have been a podiatrist with my own practice Podologie Krenz in Zurich for almost twenty years. Because of the Corona pandemic, I have not been able to do any further training events for pedicurists on site in recent years. That gave me the idea of producing learning videos and offering these education opportunities online.

Throughout my career, I have always attached great importance to continuing my education. What I like best is networking with professional colleagues, looking over their shoulders to get to know their treatment methods and possibly also new instruments; then, I try out new tools and practices in my day-to-day work to improve the treatments for my patients. Because I am very interested and fascinated by the topic as such, I did additional training as a wound assistant DDG at Lake Constance.

Interest and experience are actually the be-all and end-all of our work. My videos can provide a new experience to improve your knowledge and analysis.  I try out many things, and I always encourage others to experiment in your work. I have found time and time again that many lack the courage to try something new. But this is the only way your self-confidence can grow. I didn't always succeed the first time either, but I kept trying and gained important experience as a result.


I hope that my videos encourage you to try new things.

Now let's get started because we have a lot of work to do!

A big thank you to my proofreader and translator into English.

Stephen Johnson, Ph.D., from Miami

Without him, my project in the English language area would not have been possible.

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Podologie Krenz
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